Our Services

There’s no Job/Project too big or too small for us to take on.

Farms / Plantation Establishments

We pride ourselves in the planning and implementation of all aspects of plantation agriculture

Project Management Services/Consultancy

We manage farmlands to enhance the productivity and value of the asset

Human Capacity Development

We provide the capacity building with cutting edge training methodology

Civil / Building Construction Works

We specialize in the construction of schools, Hospitals, Market lock-up stalls, Residential Quarters, roads and drainages 

Agro-Engineering Services

PMIS Nig. Ltd enages in the supply of earth moving machines for land preparation, planting, and harvesting.

Out Sourcing/Agency Services

PMIS Nig. Ltd provides agency services with great strategic initiatives for the development of our client’s goal.

Farm/Plantation Esterblishmentrs 

Our Objective

PMIS NIG. LTD pride itself in the planning and implementation of all aspects of plantation establishment production system, both for irrigated and non-irrigated cultivation, in the cash crop plantations, (Rubber, Oil Palm, Cashew, Cocoa).  We achieve this specifically by carrying out the following operations; Land preparation; Planting; Fertilization; Pest and weed control; Harvesting; Processing and Sales. More Details

Our Strategy

The involvement of modern technology in farming, improved clones and varieties of planting materials, farm records and financial records of activities are part of the improved management strategies by PMIS Nig. Ltd. for better productivity and good returns on investment


PMIS NIG LTD also establishes annual and perennials farms ranging from cereals, grains, vegetables, vines, roots, tubers etc. The establishment of animal husbandry is also a core business of PMIS Nig. Ltd.

Success rate
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd. wrote the business plan for the development of a 524.5 hectare rubber plantation intercropped with yam for Cemilia Resorts and Farms Ltd in Edo state. This is a project that has an estimated cost of =N=1.8 Billion.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd is also consulting for over fifty farmers in Edo, and Ogun States. These farmers are into plantation Agriculture and Arable farming.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has trained over 560 farmers and intending farmers in four states in Plantation Agriculture and intercropping, annuals and perennials.
  • P-MIS NIG. Ltd has a Human capacity development centre where farmers are trained and re-trained before practical demonstration in project farms.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has assisted individuals and corporate organizations to acquire farm lands for Agribusinesses.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has a 45 hectares rubber plantation farm, managing 10.4 hectares of rubber plantation farm of Lukcyfad Enterprises and a 3.5 acres of plantain plantation in Edo State.
  • P-MIS NIG. LTD has out-sourcing unit creating employment for eight people required by companies under her Capacity building programme.

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