Farm/Plantation Establishments




Farm/Plantation Establishments

PMIS NIG. LTD pride itself in the planning and implementation of all aspects of plantation establishment production system, both for irrigated and non-irrigated cultivation, in the cash crop plantations, (Rubber, Oil Palm, Cashew, Cocoa).  We achieve this specifically by carrying out the following operations:

  • Land preparation;
  • Planting;
  • Fertilization
  • Pest and weed control;
  • Harvesting;
  • Processing and
  • Sales

PMIS NIG LTD also establishes annual and perennials farms ranging from cereals, grains, vegetables, vines, roots, tubers etc. The establishment of animal husbandry is also a core business of PMIS Nig. Ltd.

 The involvement of modern technology in farming, improved clones and varieties of planting materials, farm records and financial records of activities are part of the improved management strategies by PMIS Nig. Ltd. for better productivity and good returns on investment


Ensuring Agric Investment with Good Returns

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