About Us

About Us

August 2010 saw the creation of P-MAN INTEGRATED SERVICES, with the start of its Agricultural Management System, Agricultural Engineering Projects, Agro Consultancy Services, Sales and Supply of Agro Chemicals and Protective, Civil/Building construction works and Human Capacity Development activities

In 2017, the company metamorphosed into a limited liability company, hence the name P-MAN INTEGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED. (PMIS NIG. LTD) 

We have a long history, track record and reputation in the establishment of plantations and management of agricultural businesses throughout Nigeria. The company had also undertaken a significant amount of Civil/Building construction works in Multinational Companies. PMIS Nig. Ltd has achieved so much in the area of Human Capacity development especially in the Agricultural sector. Our consultancy work spans across sectors of the Economy and we pride ourselves in Quality delivery. The majority of these works was for corporate investment clients

Our Mission

  • Satisfy our customers’ requirements in terms of prices, delays, and services.
  • Provide good quality services that will be profitable to investors/customers ensuring good returns on investment.
  • Provide her employees with a good working environment and conditions.
  • Contribute to the social development of the community where she is integrated and society.

Our Vision

  • To be a dependable leader in the Agro-service delivery to farmers and Agro Businesses in Nigeria.
  • To be one of the front line Leaders in Civil constructions and Human Capacity Development in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

As an organization, we are committed to deliver our services at superb quality as well as ensure swift delivery on all projects based on our accumulated, extensive and profound knowledge/experience

Our Service Lines

Our vision and commitment to best practices in Agricultural management systems have optimized investor’s returns on investments.

We have rapidly built a reputation for innovation in the industry and this has led to our development and implementation of new Agricultural systems.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to continually improving our service delivery methods to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We are committed to continually improving our service delivery methods to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

We make this policy meaningful by: 
• Hiring or subcontracting people with a demonstrated high skill level in areas of expertise that match the services provided for clients;

• Not compromising international best practices/standards and quality of materials/equipment in all our business dealings;

• Providing an environment where the growth and development of our client are actively encouraged and supported.

Our Achievements In 2018

  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd developed the business plan for the implementation of a 524.5-hectare rubber plantation intercropped with yam for Cemilia Resorts and Farms Ltd in Edo state. This is a project that has an estimated cost of =N=1.8 Billion.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd is also consulting for over fifty farmers in Edo, and Ogun States. These farmers are into plantation Agriculture and Arable farming
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has trained over 560 farmers and intending farmers in four states in Plantation Agriculture and intercropping, annuals and perennials.
  • P-MIS NIG. Ltd has a Human capacity development center where farmers are trained and re-trained before the practical demonstration in project farms.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has assisted individuals and corporate organizations to acquire farmlands for Agribusinesses.
  • P-MIS Nig. Ltd has a 45 hectares rubber plantation farm, managing 10.4 hectares of rubber plantation farm of Lukcyfad Enterprises and 3.5 acres of plantain plantation in Edo State.
  • P-MIS NIG. LTD has out-sourcing unit creating employment for eight people required by companies under her Capacity building program.

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