PMIS Upcoming Events 2019

05 July 2019

Agric Business Value Chain

This refers to the whole range of goods and services neccsasary for an agricultural product to move from the farm to the final customer. This training is aimed at exposing these hidden businesses with a view of creating opportunities for wealth

23 July 2019

Training Rubber Plantation Establishment

This training will create a platform of information flow on how to esterblish rubber plantations and create wealth.

16 August 2019

Training Oil Palm Plantation Establishment

Nigeria is the 5th world producer of Oil palm in the world producing 970 mt per annum but still imports 37% of its consumption. This training will create a platform of information flow on how to establish oil palm plantation create wealth.

30 August 2019

Training Rubber back Management

The Back of the rubber tree is the economy of the farmer. Therefore, good management of the Back of the rubber tree will determine the profitability or otherwise of the project. This training will expose better panel management for best profitable venture.

18 Sep 2019

Training on Rubber Processing 

The major product of natural rubber are either latex or based coagulated latex. Other non-latex products are derived from the rubber seed or wood. The training will expose rubber investors to the production of sheets rubber in the theory and practice.

30 Sep 2019

Training on Intercropping and mixed farming

Intercropping, mono-cropping, sole cropping, sequential cropping, root crop based upland cereal-based, root crop – based, small – scale mixed farming,

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