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Farms/Plantation Establishment

PMIS NIG. LTD pride itself in the planning and implementation of all aspects of plantation establishment production system, both for irrigated and non-irrigated cultivation, in the cash crop plantations, (Rubber, Oil Palm, Cashew, Cocoa).

Project/Farm Management Services/Consultancy

We manage farmland at an optimal and long term sustainable level. In so doing, we continually monitor and investigate new development or management options that enhance the productivity of the land and the long-term value of the asset.

Human Capacity Development

Our capacity building projects assist both individuals and organizations to achieve the following amongst others;

  • Assist to formulate Development Strategy
  • Assist to formulate a roadmap to solve bottleneck issues
  • Recruitment and training based on requests

Our Civil and Building Construction

We specialize in the construction of Schools Buildings, Hospitals, Market lock-up stalls, residential Quarters.

We are also involved in the opening of roads, Grading of roads, construction of drains and Platforms.


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